Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Beginning...

Hello, my name is Jennifer and this is my blog.
I used to have one a little while ago, but I half lost interest and time. It wasn't until my mother started blogging that I began to think about re-starting my blog once again.
I have to admit, it was a little odd teaching my mother how to use blogger, (especially now that she has way surpassed me in blogging knowledge) as well as editing/uploading pictures, and figuring out how to customize her blog.
Then she began blogging! It was amazing! These long beautifully written blogs! I had no idea my mother was such a skilled writer.
She inspired me that it was worth it to blog; the people you met, the things you learned, and the little activities you could do really caught my eye. I didn't know half of this stuff existed!
It was like opening to a whole different cyber-culture, and I was greatly interested.
My mother encouraged me, and now here I am, starting a blog based purely on my life and experiences.

I am a 20 year old Christian woman, I'm engaged to the love of my life, and I am mere months away from graduating college as a "Library and Information Technician."
I really enjoyed my course, and as it as very versatile I have a lot of choice concerning where I decide to work full-time and start my career.
I have experience in academic libraries, business libraries, public libraries and government libraries. I have been blessed enough to have been given many different experiences, and now I just need to pick one.
Oddly enough, out of all those different libraries what I seem to be most drawn to is to become a Children's Librarian.
I have a book addiction (naturally) and even though there are no little ones in my family (Yet! Just a few more months before I become an aunt!) I already own quite a few children's books, both fictional and picture.

So perhaps I'll pursue that.
As I've said, I'm engaged, and fairly recently, as it was just over Christmas that it happened. My fiancee', Jeremie, is becoming a welder and finishing up his apprenticeship in Alberta.
He is french-Canadian and, though I myself am not bi-lingual I am hoping that he will be able to teach me french, and one day, our children.
Thankfully, I was my sisters maid-of-honour at her wedding and experienced everything that has to be done first hand. Yet even that didn't prepare me for having to plan it all myself.
Thank goodness for an organized mother and a willing (soon to be) mother-in-law!
The wedding technically, isn't for another 16 months, which seems like an enormous amount of time, but I know that I will be thankful for the time nonetheless.
I am already planning on attending a Bridal Show this weekend, and I am very exciting.
There's always that thrill of trying on a wedding dress for the first time, and I can't wait!

Well I better go before this gets too long.

God Bless,


Niki RuralWritings said...

I love your new blog Jen! Now we can play :)
Love U

Vanessa said...

I love your new blogs Jenny!!! Now there's even more motivation to get mine up and running! Post often!!
Love you,

carrie said...

Welcome to the blogging community, and congratulations on your recent engagement!

Bren said...

Welcome Jen. I feel like I know you from your mom's blog. She IS a very gifted writer and you have the same talent. I am very interested in your library skills, especially those that involve Children's book. I have a love of children's book that involve favorite is Clara and the Sweet Freedom Quilt.
Gorgeous picture of you!!!!

Jennifer said...

Mom - *laugh* Yes now we /can/ play!

Nessa - You really should get yours up, I'd love to read it too ^.^

Carrie - Thank you very much for your welcome and your congrats! I am very excited!

Bren - It's wonderful to talk to you in person, I've had the privledge of reading your blog, and hearing my mother talk about you! I'm happy to see you on my blog and getting to know you better! :D

~ Jenny