Friday, January 11, 2008

New Pet

Well, it appears that we have gotten (unknowingly) a new pet. My parents and myself were at Costco the other day and we noticed the "Roomba".

It's a funny little gizmo that moves around picking up dirt. Basically a AI vacuum; he is very smart and will weave in and out of chair legs (though he does bump into them), senses drop offs and stairways (so he doesn't go rolling off a cliff) and even has a dirt detector. (when he senses dirt he spins on it, making sure he gets it all.)

It made me realize what a techo-gadget person I was! I really wanted to see this little guy in action. Somehow or another we ended taking one home - I think it was mostly out of curiosity to see if the proclamations on the box were all they boasted to be.
Eagerly I set it up and was amazed at how effective and smart this small disc was. He makes a good humming noise, followed occasionally by a "thunk!" which means he's discovered another chair leg or a table.
The humming is pretty quiet, it's there, but not nearly as noisy as a regular vaccum.
Clearly I liked this little machine too much as it prompted my mother to remind me:
"Jen, it's not a new pet."
Well technically no, it's not. But it eats! (dirt) it sleeps! (charges) and it seemes to like bugging our dog. (who has taken on the new Roomba as an enemy) and I have cheerfully named it "Bob", just because the name seemed to fit.
*laugh* Well enough talk about Bob, I have been waiting for time all week to finish some of my sewing. I am turning an old pair of overalls into a dress, and making some old ties into funky cuffs and collars! :D
So, if I'm going to do that I better get started.
~ Jenny


Niki RuralWritings said...

I must admit it is pretty cool! :)

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Hi Jennifer,

I love your new blog! I tagged you for a Meme--come on over to my blog and check it out!


Bren said...

I think my Zach would want to ride on it! How does Jack do with it??

Jennifer said...

Mom - You know I love Bob! Great addition to the family ;)

Kris - Thank you for the meme, I added it! And enjoyed reading your blog!

Bren - I don't blame him! I'd want to ride it too! ^.^ Jack..well, he doesn't like it much to be honest.
It bopped him on the nose, and the relationship since has been pretty tense! LOL